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      Meniscus Tear Treatment in Alexandria VA

      Our treatment options for a Torn Meniscus at the Center for Sports & Regenerative Orthopedics in Alexandria’s Historic Old Town can restore physical function and eliminate pain

      Menisus Tear Treatment Waldorf, MD

      At the Center for Sports & Regenerative Orthopedics in Alexandria, VA, we can help you address Meniscus Tear pain and restore your daily function - with an array of minimally invasive treatment options we have successfully used for our patients.

      The primary goal of our expert physicians is to treat your pain and loss of function. We offer premier musculoskeletal medical treatment and have the expertise to treat injuries and pain associated with the spine, joints, muscles, and nerves.

      Contact us online or call (240) 754-7954 to schedule a consultation today with one of our Meniscus Tear specialists on King Street in Alexandria’s vibrant Old Town.

      What is a Meniscus Tear?

      A torn meniscus is one of the most common knee injuries that brings people in for treatment. The meniscus is a c-shaped pad of cartilage in the knee that acts as the knee’s primary shock absorber. Each knee has two. Horizontally, the medial meniscus sits on the inside of the knee and the lateral meniscus sits on the outside of the knee. Vertically, they are located between your femur and tibia and protect the lower part of the leg from the shock created by your body weight.

      Meniscus tears usually take place when you twist or turn your upper leg while your foot is planted and your knee is bent. When a meniscus is torn, the pain can be excruciating.

      Causes of a Meniscus Tear

      Any activity that causes you to forcefully twist or rotate your knee, especially when putting your full weight on it, can lead to a torn meniscus. Most of these tears occur in people who are active athletes, people who play recreational sports, or older people and those with arthritis in their knees. Some people are born with menisci that have a disk shape and are more prone to tearing.

      Symptoms of Meniscus Tear

      Symptoms of a Meniscus Tear may be different for each person (and can be similar to other medical conditions), so you should always turn to a medical provider for a proper diagnosis. Some of the most common symptoms of a torn meniscus include the following symptoms located in your knee joint:

      • Pain
      • Swelling
      • Limping
      • Inability to bend your knee or extend your leg fully
      • Locking or catching of the knee joint

      Diagnosing Meniscus Tears

      We will perform a physical exam and a medical history, including questions about any activities that may have led to your condition. For a proper diagnosis, ultrasound is our preferred imaging test for an in-office diagnosis.

      Which Meniscus Tear treatment option is right for me?

      At the Center for Sports & Regenerative Orthopedics in Alexandria, VA, we usually begin with the ultrasound exam and proceed from there on an individual basis. We believe in harnessing the ability of our bodies to heal naturally. Our innovative and minimally invasive techniques increase blood flow to the injury, which aids in healing and strengthening, at the same time it drastically reduces pain levels.

      Specifically, we prefer to use regenerative therapy, which is the process of extracting the body’s own healing agents and using them to help heal injuries. The body uses its own cells to grow new healthy tissue and repair the injury. Our team will conduct a thorough examination to determine the root cause of your pain and diagnose if what you have is in fact a torn meniscus. They will develop a tailored treatment plan and determine if regenerative therapy would work best for you.

      Conventional treatment methods for Meniscus Tear usually include the following:

      • NSAIDS and rest
      • Stretching/strengthening exercises
      • Arthroscopy
      • Focused ultrasound therapy
      • Corticosteroid injections (for swelling and pain)
      • Surgery (usually only for severe injury), including knee replacement

      We may use a variety of treatment approaches at different stages of your healing journey, potentially including:

      • Physical therapy and exercises to improve body mechanics not just in knee but the whole kinetic chain.
      • Dry Needling primarily functions to stimulate circulation in the targeted areas. Increasing blood flow to the torn meniscus can help reduce the inflammation.
      • In patients with Meniscus Tear, ultrasound-guided Trigger Point Injections are also safe and effective.

      If these methods do not help, we may try other methods, like PRP. Research has shown that PRP is highly effective for treating Meniscus Tears, without the risk or expense of surgery.

      Because we prioritize our patients’ preferences, we will employ the methods you prefer. Oftentimes, we see athletes who want the problem solved quickly, and we move right into the more in-depth techniques like PRP – aiming for fast results. Other patients may prefer to take treatment steps one at a time to see what works. All our treatment methods have an excellent track record and have brought impressive results for our patients in the Alexandria VA area.

      For more questions about our array of treatment methods, speak with our experts today to see which might be the best treatment option for you. Call (240) 754-7954.


      What would it be like to see increased function again and relieve debilitating pain and swelling from a Meniscus Tear injury? Let our team of experts at the Center for Sports & Regenerative Orthopedics help you get back to the life you love!

      Call (240) 754-7954 or contact us online to set up a consultation with our Meniscus Tear specialists at our offices in Alexandria’s vibrant Old Town!

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