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What we do: 
We treat all  conditions or injuries affecting the spine, joints, muscle/soft tissue, fascia and/or nerves. 

How we do it:

- Alternative and up to date approach to treating new and old injuries along with chronic pain.

We focus on healing and regeneration using bodies innate ability to heal itself. 

We give compassionate, holistic care catered to each individual.

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Sports and Regenerative Medicine Orthopedics in Maryland


Welcome to the Pain and Wellness Center of Maryland. We are sports and regenerative medicine orthopedics who help our patients manage their pain in Maryland and the Washington metropolitan area. We specialize in treating orthopedic sports medicine related injuries and pain associated with the spine, joints, muscles, and nerves. We take a whole-body holistic approach to health and wellness. It is our goal to provide our patients with a comprehensive health care plan that incorporates lifestyle awareness, exercise, nutrition and pain management. Our orthopedic sports medicine providers are compassionate and strive to create a personalized pain management strategy for each patient. We utilize cutting-edge technologies, minimally invasive techniques, and regenerative therapies to help our patients heal faster and live pain free. If you are experiencing pain, please contact our sports and regenerative medicine orthopedic specialists or schedule an appointment today. Our expert providers have years of experience and are here to help.

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Our providers give compassionate, holistic care catered to each individual