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      PRP Hair Restoration Alexandria VA

      Reverse Your Hair Loss with PRP Hair Restoration

      Hair Restoration Alexandria VA

      As men and women get older, many start to notice their hair thinning out. While hair loss may be common, it can be frustrating and take a major toll on your confidence.

      At the Center for Sports & Regenerative Medicine, we serve men and women in the Alexandra, VA, and Washington DC areas with our breakthrough treatment to reverse hair loss.

      This treatment is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration therapy. It's entirely natural and has virtually no side effects. If you're looking for a non-surgical solution to your hair loss, it may be time to consider PRP treatments at our center. Call (240) 754-7954 or contact us online.

      What Is PRP Hair Restoration and How Does It Work?

      At its core, PRP therapy uses your body's own cells to bring about healing. Practitioners originally started using PRP therapy in the 1980s to speed up the healing process for damaged joints. Research then uncovered that high concentrations of plasma help hair growth by extending the hair's growing phase.

      The process involves three simple steps:

      1. During treatments, the technician will withdraw some of your blood and place it in a centrifuge.
      2. They'll then separate the plasma from the red blood cells.
      3. Our technician will then inject the plasma into the scalp where you're experiencing hair loss.

      Once injected, the plasma begins to work its magic naturally by…

      • Repairing your blood vessels.
      • Promoting new cell growth.
      • Triggering the production of collagen.

      The result is fuller, more natural-looking hair.

      What Are the Benefits of PRP Hair Restoration?

      Age, genetics, medical conditions, and hormone levels are all common reasons for hair loss. Regardless of the cause, PRP therapy may be able to help. Our patients who have PRP hair restoration therapy report:

      • Thinning hair becoming thicker
      • Fuller, more lush hair
      • Less shedding
      • A slowdown in their hair loss

      You can expect to start seeing new hair growth in and around the treatment area within the first two weeks after your procedure. While we can help promote new hair growth, we, unfortunately, can't make it grow overnight. Fully visible results can take between 6-12 months.

      Is PRP Hair Treatment Right for Me?

      Our PRP therapy can help if you have…

      • Just started to lose your hair
      • Been losing hair for quite some time
      • Weak or poor-quality growth
      • Hair loss conditions, like alopecia areata or androgenic alopecia (aka, male-pattern or female-pattern baldness)

      While PRP therapy can help many, it's not for everyone. If you're on blood thinners, have a history of drug or alcohol misuse, or heavy smoking, PRP treatments may not be the best fit.

      We may also recommend against PRP therapy if you have certain health conditions. This is why we thoroughly review your medical history before beginning any treatments.

      What's PRP Hair Restoration in Alexandria, VA Like?

      When you walk through the doors of our center, know that you'll be treated by some of the most specialized, leading practitioners in Virginia. Our goal is to provide you with consistent, optimal results. That's why our PRP hair loss therapy is customized to your needs.

      When you come in for an appointment, you can expect your session to last 30-45 minutes. This natural treatment works from the inside out and involves no surgery whatsoever. The procedure is simple, easy, and convenient. It has virtually no downtime.

      To maximize results, we typically recommend the full course of treatment. This consists of three initial sessions that are spaced 4-5 weeks apart.

      Results tend to vary from person to person, but on average, you can expect your hair restoration results to last up to 12-18 months. Around that time, we usually recommend you continue on with maintenance treatments every 4-6 months.

      Ready to Regrow Your Hair? Schedule Your PRP Hair Restoration Consultation at Our Alexandra, VA, Center Today!

      Our specialists at the Center for Sports & Regenerative Medicine are here to help you reverse your hair loss and start living a more comfortable, confident life.

      The first step is scheduling a hair restoration consultation. During that time, we'll talk through your medical history and hair growth goals. If PRP therapy is a great fit, we'll then walk you through a tailored treatment plan created just for you.

      To schedule your consultation, we invite you to call our Alexandra, VA location at (240) 754-7954 or contact us online. You can also stop by to visit our office. Our center is located right off King Street near Old Town and the historic Potomac River.

      Dealing with hair loss can be a major confidence crusher. We look forward to helping you restore your hair and love the way you look!

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