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      PRP Therapy Alexandria, VA

      PRP Therapy Alexandria VA

      Don’t settle for issues like knee pain or ankle sprains. If you are tired of dealing with orthopedic issues with medications that can cause side effects, PRP Therapy at the Center for Sports & Regenerative Orthopedics in Alexandria, VA might be the next step.

      Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a regenerative therapy that utilizes a concentration of platelets to address injury and disease. The growth factors within PRP may be able to provide benefits like tissue production, encouraging noticeable effects with little chance of side effects.

      To learn more and to schedule your appointment with the top PRP Therapy specialist in Alexandria, VA, call (240) 754-7954 or contact us online today!

      What are PRP Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma?

      PRP is a concentration of platelets prepared from your blood sample. PRP Therapy is used to stimulate inflammation to help patients recover from painful orthopedic conditions and encourage healing.

      Blood platelets help our bodies heal. When activated in PRP, platelets release growth factors. Growth factors may play roles in cell differentiation and connective tissue formation.

      Since PRP is prepared from your own blood, it is thought to have a low chance of causing an allergic reaction or other negative effects.

      What Medical Conditions Are Treated with PRP?

      PRP is used to restore tendon proteins and make cartilage stronger. Conditions treated with PRP treatment at our center include:

      • knee pain
      • hip pain
      • hip labrum pain
      • ankle pain
      • ankle sprain
      • tennis or golfers elbow
      • tendinitis
      • arthritis
      • rotator cuff tear
      • shoulder labrum tear
      • meniscus tear
      • ankle fracture

      Your PRP Therapy

      Your PRP Therapy appointment at our Alexandria, VA location will last an hour.

      The first step of PRP Therapy is to prepare it. Your blood sample will be spun in a centrifuge to isolate and gather the PRP.

      The second step of PRP Therapy is to inject the PRP into the problem area using an ultrasound-guided technique for precision, accuracy, and quicker healing.

      After your appointment, our PRP specialist will work with you to determine if you’ll need future treatment sessions.

      Does PRP Therapy Work?

      Patients have reported experiencing pain relief and long-lasting healing within weeks after their PRP Therapy. The effects may be better as the weeks go on.

      Temporary side effects may include swelling and pain.

      Platelet Rich Plasma vs. Mesenchymal Cells

      Mesenchymal cells are gathered from sources like umbilical cord blood, fat, and bone marrow, and can become specialized cells used to treat diseases like cancer. PRP is prepared from platelets already in your blood.

      Is PRP Therapy Covered by Insurance?

      No, PRP is typically not covered by insurance. In fact, Medicare will only cover PRP for certain patients with certain diabetic wounds.

      Request Your Appointment Today!

      Use the healing potential found in your own blood vessels to treat sports injuries and other orthopedic conditions. Call us at (240) 754-7954 or contact us online today for PRP Therapy in Alexandria, VA.

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