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      Bone Marrow (BMC Therapy) Therapy Waldorf MD

      Bone Marrow Concentrate Therapy Waldorf Maryland

      Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) Therapy is a promising cutting-edge regenerative therapy to help accelerate healing in moderate to severe osteoarthritis and tendon injuries.

      Bone marrow is the soft spongy tissue that is found in the center of your bones. In adults, marrow in the large bones are the producing center of your red bloods cells, white blood cells and plasma components. Since this is the location of production, immature forms of these cells, called mesenchymal cells, will be found here.

      While similar to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in its ability to harness the body's ability to heal itself through the aid of growth factors, BMC also utilizes regenerative cells that are contained within a patient's own bone marrow. The marrow contains a rich reservoir of "pluripotent" mesenchymal cells that can be withdrawn from the patient's hip bone and used for the procedure. Unlike other cells of the body, mesenchymal cells are "undifferentiated", meaning they are able to replicate themselves into various types of tissue. With this cutting-edge regenerative therapy in Maryland, we can help drastically increase healing for our patients dealing with osteoarthritis and tendon injuries.

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