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      Trigger Point Injections Waldorf MD

      Trigger Point Injections Waldorf Maryland

      Have you ever felt tightness or pain in your neck and shoulder muscles? Or difficulty turning your head? Perhaps the tension in your low back radiates?

      These tight areas in your muscles are commonly referred to as trigger points, and they can cause significant pain. At the Center for Sports & Regenerative Medicine , our physicians specialize in treating injuries and pain, especially muscle pain. One of the ways we do that is through trigger point injections.

      What are Trigger Point Injections & How Do They Work?

      When your muscles are tight and can't relax, they sometimes form “knots.” These knots are like muscle spasms that won't relax on their own. A number of factors can cause them, like:

      • Repetitive activities, such as swinging a tennis racket or typing on a keyboard
      • Degenerative damage caused by select conditions
      • Certain autoimmune diseases
      • Stress and tension
      • Poor posture

      Unfortunately, once the knots are formed, they can be difficult to relax and release. These knots can irritate your nerves and cause pain until the tension is finally broken. Medications often aren't enough and can have negative side effects.

      This is where trigger point injections can help. These injections are a bit like dry needling, where a fine needle is inserted into the tense area to bring relief .

      Similar to dry needling, the needle is inserted and fans the muscle, gently releasing the “knots” or trigger points. The procedure can involve injecting an anesthetic, saline solution, or pain medication if the patient is experiencing severe pain. This then quiets your nerves, relaxes your muscles, and reduces inflammation in the area .

      What Are the Benefits of Trigger Point Injections?

      Trigger point injections can help bring much-needed relief from muscle pain, specifically in your

      • Neck
      • Shoulders
      • Arms
      • Lower back
      • Legs

      We have also helped patients find relief from the pain associated with…

      • Migraines and tension headaches
      • Back or hip pain
      • Fibromyalgia
      • Myofascial pain syndrome
      • Other fascial restrictions

      The end result is the same - more relaxed muscles and relief from your pain.

      Are Trigger Point Injections Right for Me?

      Trigger point injections aren't the first-line treatment option for pain. It's always important to start with the least invasive form of pain relief and work up from there. So, if you've tried other methods and the pain isn't letting up, trigger point injections may be able to help.

      While this treatment can help many, it's not for everyone and doesn't treat every kind of pain.

      During your consultation, we'll discuss your full medical history and the other pain-relieving options you've tried. Our physicians will answer your questions and determine if you're a good candidate for trigger point therapy.

      What Are Trigger Point Injections at the Center for Sports & Regenerative Medicine Like?

      So, what are trigger point injections like at our Waldorf, MD, center? The procedure itself is simple, straightforward, and involves the following steps:

      • You can either sit or lie down for your appointment, depending on the area we treat.
      • One of our physicians will use an ultrasound machine to carefully locate the exact area to treat.
      • We'll thoroughly clean and disinfect the injection site. Then, we'll use a small needle to insert the solution into your muscle.
      • We'll repeat the process if you have multiple trigger point areas we need to treat.

      After your appointment, you can go about your normal day. Some patients report feeling a little soreness or numbness at the injection site. This is temporary and will go away on its own.

      One of the best parts of trigger point injections is how quickly they start to work. You may start to notice relief in as little as a few hours. Recurring injections may be needed to provide longer-lasting relief.

      Book Your Trigger Point Injection Consultation at the Center for Sports & Regenerative Medicine Today

      We understand how frustrating it is to have pain that just won't go away. We also understand that sometimes other pain management options don't bring you the relief you need. If nothing you've tried has stopped your pain, trigger point injections may provide you the prompt relief you need .

      We invite you to set up an initial appointment at our Waldorf, MD, center. To do that, please call us at (240) 754-7954 or contact us online . We're here to help you find the pain relief you so deserve!

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